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Original Art Under $100

Here is a good example of  “the parts are greater than the sum.”  To stay fresh, I continually try new things with materials, techniques and color ( yes, I know it’s hard to imagine) hoping it will lead to new discoveries.  My best results happen when I approach each project with a beginners mind and without any set outcome.  Usually I end up with pieces and parts or fragments that I really like.  So I decided to pull some of the best fragments  cut from larger pieces and sell them at very affordable prices.   They are all unframed using mixed media textiles, paper and some text.  Please email me directly if you are interested.


Fragment 1, 8 x 10, $90-- SOLD


Fragment 2, 6 x 8, $75


Fragment 3, 5 x 9, $65


Fragment 5, 7 x 10, $75


Fragment 6, 4 x 8, $45


Fragment 7, 4 x 7, $45


Fragment 8, 5 x 6, $45


Fragment 4, 6 x 8, $75--SOLD

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