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I Have A Dream

Annjetta and I were busy making art in my studio this weekend.  Since we had such great success collaborating on the New Years topic we decided to pick the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination as our next project.  I know it sounds a little dark but Annjetta jumped at the idea and I was interested in hearing and seeing what she would help create.  It turned out to be a juxtaposition between what life was like in 1968 and about hope for today and in the future.

At 6:01 p.m. on April 4, 1968, a shot rang out. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had been standing on the balcony of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN, now lay sprawled on the balcony’s floor.

" I Have A Dream", Mixed Media, 36" x 36"

Annjetta has a generous heart.  Much of what she wrote was about fairness, having friends and helping others in need. She is also very aware and grateful that freedoms she has today are a result of these efforts.

"I Have A Dream" (Detail)

I have a dream to have…”more space and friends to play a game” –written from the girls voice in the photo.

"I Have A Dream" (Detail)

I have a dream to have shoes, friends and something to eat…

"I Have A Dream" (Detail)

“Turn Me Around”,  a civil rights song that Annjetta sang to me.

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2 Responses to “I Have A Dream”

  1. zgirls
    4. April 2011 at 05:30

    What a splendid idea to honor the memory of such a great man with such great art. I am so proud of you Annjetta and so happy Marilyn that you are in her life to provide a canvas for her ideas and dreams. Nice work you 2!
    You’re on to something with this collaboration…

  2. zac
    2. May 2011 at 13:37

    love it! how did I miss this posting? hmmm.

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