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Making Her Mark, Serbian Street Artist, Sashka

I am always curious about the work and process of  street artists.  Some of their work is quite beautiful and inventive. TKV is the artist name of Sashka (1988), a Serbian street artist, living in Belgrade. Doing stencil art is a basic need for her: she has to go out and leave her creative marks throughout the city. It’s as essential as eating or sleeping.

Since graffiti – like in most places – is prohibited in Serbia, TKV has to be very careful not to be caught by the police. That’s the reason why Pretty Cool People filmed her in a matter that makes her less recognizable.

Although TKV is extremely concerned with the social situation of her country, this doesn’t mean she loses herself in political slogans. On the contrary: she wants to add something beautiful to the world, she wants to surprise unsuspecting passerby’s and make her fellow citizens smile. Albeit for a moment.

Pretty Cool Crew: Commissioning Editor for SubmarineChannel: Geert van de Wetering, Interview & sound: Jessie van Vreden, Camera: Pierre Rezus, Editing: Jessie van Vreden, Axel Skovdal Roelofs.

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  1. zac
    10. September 2010 at 08:21

    I hope she didn’t get overspray on those cute shoes.

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