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Series 8, Creative Space: Choosing Exterior Materials

Now the fun starts. We have been playing around with a combination of Sil-Leed cement board panels, strong and cost-effective sheets that not only exhibit a unique beauty, but they also help protect against fluctuating temperatures helping to reduce energy costs as well as any maintenance.   They are attached with rivets and you can cut them to any size so our plan is to use some interesting patterns in two colors. We are exploring two reclaimed woods, one is a redwood originally used as wine barrels and the other cypress from pickle barrels.  I think I should get some credit back for all of the wine I’ve probably tapped from those barrels and Gregg eats pickles everyday for lunch. What I love about the redwood is its warmer red tone with some irregular staining.   Both are from the Duluth Timber Company.

We thought about using a reddish orange cement board color as accent and then tabled it.  We’re boring, I know.  Has anyone every taken that what primary color are you test?  Seriously, from the bazillion colors I ended up as no color–snow.  I guess that says something about me and my artwork too!  Test yourself.

Bronze trim, two grey tones of cement board and cypress

Bronze trim, sand blasted window for shop, redwood and cement board

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2 Responses to “Series 8, Creative Space: Choosing Exterior Materials”

  1. zac
    2. August 2010 at 08:51

    you know, i wouldn’t say that your color is “snow”. maybe more like “rain”.

  2. marilyn stevens
    2. August 2010 at 17:47

    Why rain?

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