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Series 8, Creative Space: Yep It’s Real, Our First Bill Arrived

The fairy tale isn’t over but we are now getting the bills which has a way of taking some air out of your sail.  It is pretty amazing though that we will literally be living in the treetops.  The second floor space is full of light, great views of the valley and a kick ass rooftop deck.  I don’t know how much art I’m going to get done.

They poured all of the concrete floors in one day.  By the time we are done we will have had 16 truck loads of concrete delivered.  Gregg likes good, solid construction.

First guests, Nancy & Annjetta

Living in the treetops, second floor living space

Southeast side with the main view, rooftop deck to the left

Five trucks of concrete to pour floors

Hard labor

Smoothing the concrete floors

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2 Responses to “Series 8, Creative Space: Yep It’s Real, Our First Bill Arrived”

  1. zac
    12. July 2010 at 08:29

    right on schedule, it would seem?

  2. zac
    19. July 2010 at 15:53

    what the hell, no new post? sigh.

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