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Artists Wanted: Please vote

I’m motivated again to submit my work to a few shows.  It’s always been a dream of mine to be in a New York gallery. I’ve submitted my work to a collaborative called Artists Wanted.  You can vote on my submissions at http://www.artistswanted.org/mstevens

Artists Wanted is a collaborative project between several New York City artists and creative organizations working to build new lasting opportunities for emerging talent. They know the difficulties of breaking into the professional art world and it is their mission to make this process more welcoming,dynamic and open-ended.

Collectively they have over two decades experience within the New York City art world and their goal is to use their networks and infrastructure to bring undiscovered talent to the forefront.

What do I have to lose but the submission fee.

Series 12, Creative Space: Baby It’s Cold Outside

It was 3 below last Sunday in Wisconsin.  Still, as much as I hate the cold weather it was so beautiful and peaceful.  Gregg’s making good progress on his shop and should be ready for the electrician by next week.  I hope you can sense a day in the life of our slowly developing creative space.

A Nine Year Old’s Perspective on New Years

An art collaboration with a nine year old is always enlightening.  My friend Annjetta and I worked in my studio this week and created this masterpiece in honor of the New Year. She really had her mind made up on the creative direction so I followed her lead with a little nudging and few suggestions along the way.  My favorite part was when she was feverishly painting the fireworks and said “you can really let all of your emotions out.”  (see upper right firework)

And best of all, she got me back in the studio.  I haven’t been inspired lately and she made me realize how much I miss it!

Annjetta & Marilyn, 2010

Annjetta's kiss mark on paper

The ball that drops at midnight

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