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Art of the Marching Band

When I was in high school it was cool to be in marching band.  We competed statewide bringing home trophy after trophy. The crown jewel was an invitation to march at the Orange Bowl half-time show.  What could be better than a 36 hour bus ride with a bunch of teenagers.  I remember having canker sores from all of the oranges and grapefruit I ate.

This recent video by the University of Hawaii marching band  brought back some great memories of those marching days.  A pretty impressive routine from someone who is a tough critic of marching perfection.

Series 11, Creative Space: Perspective

When I hear someone use the statement, “puts things into perspective”  it makes me think that something has happened (life changing ) that made that person really think about his/her life. The reality of his/her life or the world we live in.

After I traveled to Lima, Peru the poverty levels really put things into perspective. It made me realize how lucky we are to have food, money, houses, and/or a better life.

A friend recently sent us these aerial views of our place in Wisconsin.  When I first opened the attachment I had one of those moments. I almost couldn’t believe it’s true.  That’s us down there!

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