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Series 10, Creative Space: The Rock

This week we unearthed a limestone rock from our land that we think can work as a nice step from our back door.  It’s about 68′ wide by 44″ deep.  We’ll see if it can pass the inspector’s approval.  The rush is on now to get everything closed in so we can turn on the heat and get Gregg’s shop set up for phase 2.  We also have a new friend that arrives daily mostly to get us to  toss a stick or two.  We know it’s the neighbor dog but we don’t know his name  so we have nicknamed him Rufus. (Ted has turned up his nose at him, no time for a farm dog.)

Back door where we want to place the rock

Rock from property is approximately 68w x 44d

Ignore the lovely satellite

Our new neighbor dog friend, Rufus

Now that's a roof!


Making Her Mark, Serbian Street Artist, Sashka

I am always curious about the work and process of  street artists.  Some of their work is quite beautiful and inventive. TKV is the artist name of Sashka (1988), a Serbian street artist, living in Belgrade. Doing stencil art is a basic need for her: she has to go out and leave her creative marks throughout the city. It’s as essential as eating or sleeping.

Since graffiti – like in most places – is prohibited in Serbia, TKV has to be very careful not to be caught by the police. That’s the reason why Pretty Cool People filmed her in a matter that makes her less recognizable.

Although TKV is extremely concerned with the social situation of her country, this doesn’t mean she loses herself in political slogans. On the contrary: she wants to add something beautiful to the world, she wants to surprise unsuspecting passerby’s and make her fellow citizens smile. Albeit for a moment.

Pretty Cool Crew: Commissioning Editor for SubmarineChannel: Geert van de Wetering, Interview & sound: Jessie van Vreden, Camera: Pierre Rezus, Editing: Jessie van Vreden, Axel Skovdal Roelofs.

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