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Artists and Architects Make Hats

I love hats and I’m envious of anyone that can pull them off without looking forced.  A story you may remember in one of my first posts features my grandmother and her four friends who owned a milliner business in 1907.  I created a 3-d piece with American early 1900 vintage hat forms. So you can see why this London exhibit is of particular interest to me.

Hats and architecture may not appear to have anything in common—at first blush, anyway—but architect-turned-milliner Gabriela Ligenza begs to differ. For the London Festival of Architecture, Ligenza and design duo You&Me commissioned several local architects, artists, and designers to produce hats inspired by their visions of London.

'ant hill' by riitta ikonen

In 1849, london hat makers Thomas and William Bowler designed the bowler as a close-fitting hat to protect gamekeepers’ heads from low hanging branches while on horseback. In the following century, no hat would become more synonymous with london itself. American architects austin+mergold have reinterpreted the bowler in a sustainable version. Its recycled corrugated cardboard layers keep the sun’s rays at bay while providing ventilation. At the same time, the hat is both adaptable to the whims of fashion as it can be easily painted in any color.

'A + M bowler. 2010

'A + M bowler. 2010

Everyday Art

I walk every evening in my Linden Hills neighborhood.  Usually I get caught up in thinking about my day and forget to really enjoy and observe my surroundings.  So I’ve started to bring my camera with the intent of finding artistic expressions by my fellow neighbors.  Once you really start looking you will be amazed by what you see.  Some very tasteful and some just make me laugh.

Understated, almost hidden under some bushes

Neighbor down the street constructs these lovely little sculptures

Ted says this is better for peeing on than lying in unless of course there is a tempurpedic mattress and fan included

Crazy folks but I like that they are not afraid to be who they are

All sorts of things hang from this tree

This made me laugh, I remember my collection from piano lessons

Oh yes, it is Linden Hills after all

Last Call For Phone Books

We’ve ask the phone company to stop sending us phone books at our apartment building several times.  Still, we get piles on our front steps.  After seeing what Jolis Paon did with her phone books I may be chasing after them to bring me more.

Artist, Jolis Paon caught my attention recently with her handmade dress constructed out of phonebook paper.

Paons says of the Paper Dress she designed and created for her Creative Processes class, “I pleated, stuck, sewed, and glued everything by hand.”

It’s amazing what you can do with simple resources when creativity is involved. Think of all the phonebooks that go to waste!

Series 8, Creative Space: Yep It’s Real, Our First Bill Arrived

The fairy tale isn’t over but we are now getting the bills which has a way of taking some air out of your sail.  It is pretty amazing though that we will literally be living in the treetops.  The second floor space is full of light, great views of the valley and a kick ass rooftop deck.  I don’t know how much art I’m going to get done.

They poured all of the concrete floors in one day.  By the time we are done we will have had 16 truck loads of concrete delivered.  Gregg likes good, solid construction.

First guests, Nancy & Annjetta

Living in the treetops, second floor living space

Southeast side with the main view, rooftop deck to the left

Five trucks of concrete to pour floors

Hard labor

Smoothing the concrete floors

Chicago’s Highly Anticipated Public Sculpture,”Eye.”

I love this video created by the Chicago Tribune that follows the creation of the highly anticipated public sculpture “Eye”, from Sparta, Wisconsin to downtown Chicago. The 30-foot eyeball, designed by Oak Park artist/sculptor Tony Tasset is on display from July 7 to October 31.

The “Eye,” modeled after one of the artist’s blue eyeballs, is in the final days of completion in the Loop’s Pritzker Park, at State and Van Buren Streets. Last week (JUNE 21), sections of the giant 30-foot fiberglass sphere arrived in carefully cut, expressway-friendly pieces via truck from their manufacturer, the Sparta, Wis.-based F.A.S.T. Corporation. Assembly on the white of the eye was completed last week and the sculpture’s striking blue iris was put in place Monday. The finished sculpture is scheduled for a public unveiling on July 7.

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