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Series 7, Creative Space: Creatures of Habit

Barn swallows have made a nest in the corner of my future studio.  They have been so busy gathering sticks for their new home that I hate to break it to them that they will eventually have to move outside.   We also have a wood chuck that is enjoying the sandy surface with his paw prints tracking the interior.  Things are moving fast in spite of the torrential rains.  All of Gregg’s earth moving last week slid down the hill.

Barn Swallows Nest

Series 6, Creative Space: Dream State

Gregg and I visited our work in progress, creative getaway this weekend.  Gregg is there everyday but I haven’t seen it since it was a hole in the ground.  I will have to say I was in awe, scared, not sure we deserve it, thrilled and excited all at the same time.  When you actually execute on a dream it can be a bit surreal.  Literally we will be perched in the tree tops.  Amazing light, views and peacefulness will surround us. I’d say from the photos we look pretty darn happy.

Marilyn in front of future studio window

Gregg in awe of the view and cool breeze

Guys at work

View as you walk in the front entrance

Series 5, Creative Space: Taking Shape

View from my studio

Studio view looking towards the East

It’s been a long week but things are moving forward on our creative space.  It’s been raining on and off again for two weeks which has slowed things down.  I’m very exciting to see the framed walls going up.

Original Art, Entertainment and Food

10 Year Anniversary Show

Gallery 360

Opening Reception

Saturday, June 5, 7-10 pm

Show Runs

June 5 – July 4, 2010

3011 West 50th St, Minneapolis (612) 925-2400‎

Please join me for a special evening of art, food and entertainment. Saxophonist Bill Lang will be perched on the roof, appetizers  prepared by Corner Table Restaurant and 10% of the sales from this show will benefit Art Buddies ,  a program which pairs creative mentors with kids from low-income families.

There will be over 20 artists featured including several pieces I will have on display.   A great variety of Minnesota artists, mediums and price points.

absence of transparency-1

Marilyn Stevens, Absence of Transparency, 2009

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