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Fresh Art Tour 2011, Oct 7-9

I spent the day on Friday on a self-guided tour of seventeen artists’ studios and galleries. It was fantastic to visit with a wide variety 0f working artists and travel picturesque country roads in one of Western Wisconsin’s most stunning areas, the Chippewa Valley and the Lake Pepin region. It was a perfect Fall day to meet our new neighbors.  Here are some of my favorites–I liked seeing the animals the most.

Turkey heads freak me out a little bit

Turkey heads freak me out a little bit

Cards printed with sage leaves

Cards printed with sage leaves

I bought some of his cheese!

I bought some of his cheese!



Made a purchase, bracelets from reclaimed industrial metals

Made a purchase, bracelets from reclaimed industrial metals

Great studio space

Great studio space

Lovely outdoor sculpture by Macalester students

Lovely outdoor sculpture by Macalester students

Outdoor sculpture

Outdoor sculpture

Beautifully renovated barn/studio outside of Pepin

Beautifully renovated barn/studio outside of Pepin

Painting of renovated barn

Painting of renovated barn

A Nine Year Old’s Perspective on New Years

An art collaboration with a nine year old is always enlightening.  My friend Annjetta and I worked in my studio this week and created this masterpiece in honor of the New Year. She really had her mind made up on the creative direction so I followed her lead with a little nudging and few suggestions along the way.  My favorite part was when she was feverishly painting the fireworks and said “you can really let all of your emotions out.”  (see upper right firework)

And best of all, she got me back in the studio.  I haven’t been inspired lately and she made me realize how much I miss it!

Annjetta & Marilyn, 2010

Annjetta's kiss mark on paper

The ball that drops at midnight

First-ever TEDWomen Conference

How are women and girls reshaping the future? The first-ever TEDWomen invites men and women to explore this question in depth. From the developing world, where a single microloan to a single girl can transform a village, to the West, where generations of educated women are transforming entire industries, women are powerful change agents, intellectual innovators and idea champions.

No surprise to anyone that I’m already a Ted fan but I’m seriously looking at joining the webcast associate series.  It allows you to stream live for $100.

Robert Carolina’s Daybooks, A Collection of Curiosity

David Coggins is a Minneapolis artist, writer, and set designer. Last weekend I attended an art opening at his very hip studio in Northeast Minneapolis.  I could have spent the evening exploring his space but we were there for the featured work of artist Robert Carolina and his recently published Daybooks.

Created over a ten-year period (2000-2009), Robert Carolina’s eight Daybooks total 1,700 pages and contain 1,000 collages.I felt a kindred spirit with this artist, a fellow storyteller using found objects, text and imagery.  They were humorous, sad, thought provoking and above all they kept me wanting more.  The entire event was magically staged in a setting reminiscent of Paris.  Catered by Grand Bakery, every bite was as interesting and tasteful as the art.

David Coggins Studio in the Grainbelt Brewery

A Better Radish (page from The Green Daybook, 8 x 6)

Daybooks Boxed Set

Available individually and as a boxed set. The Daybooks were edited by David Coggins and are available through Cobalt Press.  To see more examples of either artists work visit Cobalt Press.

David Coggins set design --The Deception by Pierre Marivau 2007 Coproduction Theatre de la Jeune Lune and La Jolla Playhouse

Series 11, Creative Space: Champagne Toast

Gregg’s equipment arrived this week.  We are close to having phase one complete with a functioning shop, heat and a working bathroom! It was a perfect Fall day to have friends out for grilling burgers, a champagne toast and s’mores to complete the spectacular day.

Series 8, Creative Space: Choosing Exterior Materials

Now the fun starts. We have been playing around with a combination of Sil-Leed cement board panels, strong and cost-effective sheets that not only exhibit a unique beauty, but they also help protect against fluctuating temperatures helping to reduce energy costs as well as any maintenance.   They are attached with rivets and you can cut them to any size so our plan is to use some interesting patterns in two colors. We are exploring two reclaimed woods, one is a redwood originally used as wine barrels and the other cypress from pickle barrels.  I think I should get some credit back for all of the wine I’ve probably tapped from those barrels and Gregg eats pickles everyday for lunch. What I love about the redwood is its warmer red tone with some irregular staining.   Both are from the Duluth Timber Company.

We thought about using a reddish orange cement board color as accent and then tabled it.  We’re boring, I know.  Has anyone every taken that what primary color are you test?  Seriously, from the bazillion colors I ended up as no color–snow.  I guess that says something about me and my artwork too!  Test yourself.

Bronze trim, two grey tones of cement board and cypress

Bronze trim, sand blasted window for shop, redwood and cement board

Everyday Art

I walk every evening in my Linden Hills neighborhood.  Usually I get caught up in thinking about my day and forget to really enjoy and observe my surroundings.  So I’ve started to bring my camera with the intent of finding artistic expressions by my fellow neighbors.  Once you really start looking you will be amazed by what you see.  Some very tasteful and some just make me laugh.

Understated, almost hidden under some bushes

Neighbor down the street constructs these lovely little sculptures

Ted says this is better for peeing on than lying in unless of course there is a tempurpedic mattress and fan included

Crazy folks but I like that they are not afraid to be who they are

All sorts of things hang from this tree

This made me laugh, I remember my collection from piano lessons

Oh yes, it is Linden Hills after all

Series 8, Creative Space: Yep It’s Real, Our First Bill Arrived

The fairy tale isn’t over but we are now getting the bills which has a way of taking some air out of your sail.  It is pretty amazing though that we will literally be living in the treetops.  The second floor space is full of light, great views of the valley and a kick ass rooftop deck.  I don’t know how much art I’m going to get done.

They poured all of the concrete floors in one day.  By the time we are done we will have had 16 truck loads of concrete delivered.  Gregg likes good, solid construction.

First guests, Nancy & Annjetta

Living in the treetops, second floor living space

Southeast side with the main view, rooftop deck to the left

Five trucks of concrete to pour floors

Hard labor

Smoothing the concrete floors

Chicago’s Highly Anticipated Public Sculpture,”Eye.”

I love this video created by the Chicago Tribune that follows the creation of the highly anticipated public sculpture “Eye”, from Sparta, Wisconsin to downtown Chicago. The 30-foot eyeball, designed by Oak Park artist/sculptor Tony Tasset is on display from July 7 to October 31.

The “Eye,” modeled after one of the artist’s blue eyeballs, is in the final days of completion in the Loop’s Pritzker Park, at State and Van Buren Streets. Last week (JUNE 21), sections of the giant 30-foot fiberglass sphere arrived in carefully cut, expressway-friendly pieces via truck from their manufacturer, the Sparta, Wis.-based F.A.S.T. Corporation. Assembly on the white of the eye was completed last week and the sculpture’s striking blue iris was put in place Monday. The finished sculpture is scheduled for a public unveiling on July 7.

Series 7, Creative Space: Creatures of Habit

Barn swallows have made a nest in the corner of my future studio.  They have been so busy gathering sticks for their new home that I hate to break it to them that they will eventually have to move outside.   We also have a wood chuck that is enjoying the sandy surface with his paw prints tracking the interior.  Things are moving fast in spite of the torrential rains.  All of Gregg’s earth moving last week slid down the hill.

Barn Swallows Nest

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