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Series 15, Creative Spaces: Closing In On Winter

We totally lucked out this year with a mild winter (so far).  We were able to get all of the exterior materials on and have a  good start on the decks.  Love all of the materials.  Redwood, cement board and corten steel.






Series 14, Creative Space: Reclaimed Materials

One of my favorite materials we chose for our exterior is reclaimed redwood from wine tanks. Wine tank redwood is perhaps the most sought after redwood in the world. Only the highest quality redwood was used for tank stock. Beyond that, the special patina, history is a cool and sustainable story. I love the idea of giving something new life again. Redwood’s legendary durability makes it ideal for exterior siding applications. Clear, all-heart redwood of this quality is virtually unavailable new.






Series 13, Creative Space: My How Vacations Have Changed

I remember when our summer vacations included Martha’s Vineyard, a road trip down the Oregon coast or a leisurely stroll through Quebec City.  How things have changed. Welcome to western Wisconsin where we spent our summer vacation working on our dream creative space.  Although different from past  vacations, it was just as gratifying.  Gregg and I still wonder what we got ourselves into but when we squint a little we can see things starting to take shape.  No these aren’t nice shots of ocean views but we love them just the same.

I’m exhausted and have new found respect for my husband’s endless talent and dedication to this project.  Time to get back to my corporate job to do my part!


Gregg installing cement board panels


Close-up of cement panels

Should we add color?

Should we add color?

Reclaimed redwood for exterior siding overtakes my studio

Reclaimed redwood from wine tanks for exterior siding

Gregg stained, I sorted by size

Gregg stained, I sorted by size

Putty, sand and painting trim was my main job

Putty, sand and painting trim was my main job

A little earthmoving and seeding

A little earthmoving and seeding

Erosion control

Erosion control

Coreten steel for the shop ready to be installed

Coreten steel for the shop ready to be installed

Thank God for the new shower!

Thank God for the new shower!

Series 12, Creative Space: Baby It’s Cold Outside

It was 3 below last Sunday in Wisconsin.  Still, as much as I hate the cold weather it was so beautiful and peaceful.  Gregg’s making good progress on his shop and should be ready for the electrician by next week.  I hope you can sense a day in the life of our slowly developing creative space.

Series 11, Creative Space: Perspective

When I hear someone use the statement, “puts things into perspective”  it makes me think that something has happened (life changing ) that made that person really think about his/her life. The reality of his/her life or the world we live in.

After I traveled to Lima, Peru the poverty levels really put things into perspective. It made me realize how lucky we are to have food, money, houses, and/or a better life.

A friend recently sent us these aerial views of our place in Wisconsin.  When I first opened the attachment I had one of those moments. I almost couldn’t believe it’s true.  That’s us down there!

Series 11, Creative Space: Champagne Toast

Gregg’s equipment arrived this week.  We are close to having phase one complete with a functioning shop, heat and a working bathroom! It was a perfect Fall day to have friends out for grilling burgers, a champagne toast and s’mores to complete the spectacular day.

Series 10, Creative Space: The Rock

This week we unearthed a limestone rock from our land that we think can work as a nice step from our back door.  It’s about 68′ wide by 44″ deep.  We’ll see if it can pass the inspector’s approval.  The rush is on now to get everything closed in so we can turn on the heat and get Gregg’s shop set up for phase 2.  We also have a new friend that arrives daily mostly to get us to  toss a stick or two.  We know it’s the neighbor dog but we don’t know his name  so we have nicknamed him Rufus. (Ted has turned up his nose at him, no time for a farm dog.)

Back door where we want to place the rock

Rock from property is approximately 68w x 44d

Ignore the lovely satellite

Our new neighbor dog friend, Rufus

Now that's a roof!

Serie 9, Creative Space: Here Come the Windows

The windows have arrived and we are on track for having every thing closed up by Fall.

Series 8, Creative Space: Choosing Exterior Materials

Now the fun starts. We have been playing around with a combination of Sil-Leed cement board panels, strong and cost-effective sheets that not only exhibit a unique beauty, but they also help protect against fluctuating temperatures helping to reduce energy costs as well as any maintenance.   They are attached with rivets and you can cut them to any size so our plan is to use some interesting patterns in two colors. We are exploring two reclaimed woods, one is a redwood originally used as wine barrels and the other cypress from pickle barrels.  I think I should get some credit back for all of the wine I’ve probably tapped from those barrels and Gregg eats pickles everyday for lunch. What I love about the redwood is its warmer red tone with some irregular staining.   Both are from the Duluth Timber Company.

We thought about using a reddish orange cement board color as accent and then tabled it.  We’re boring, I know.  Has anyone every taken that what primary color are you test?  Seriously, from the bazillion colors I ended up as no color–snow.  I guess that says something about me and my artwork too!  Test yourself.

Bronze trim, two grey tones of cement board and cypress

Bronze trim, sand blasted window for shop, redwood and cement board

Series 8, Creative Space: Yep It’s Real, Our First Bill Arrived

The fairy tale isn’t over but we are now getting the bills which has a way of taking some air out of your sail.  It is pretty amazing though that we will literally be living in the treetops.  The second floor space is full of light, great views of the valley and a kick ass rooftop deck.  I don’t know how much art I’m going to get done.

They poured all of the concrete floors in one day.  By the time we are done we will have had 16 truck loads of concrete delivered.  Gregg likes good, solid construction.

First guests, Nancy & Annjetta

Living in the treetops, second floor living space

Southeast side with the main view, rooftop deck to the left

Five trucks of concrete to pour floors

Hard labor

Smoothing the concrete floors

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